How the VisionVestTM Works


Worker Location Device to provide worker location inside the project boundaries. This feature allows for worker location in emergencies and immediate worker counts in the field.

D-Ring attachments to secure smart tablets and allow the worker to be hands free.

Continuous lighting stripes to provide enhanced visibility of the worker in low light or poor weather conditions.

Lighting Stripes can be two different colors to designate new workers to a site,

Comfortable and breathable quality fabric that meets all ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 standards.

VIsionVestTM Vest meets all requirements of ANSI/ISEA 107-2015

Ergonomically designed pocket for a water bottle for easy access.


Portable and rechargeable battery location for mobile connectivity and extended device usage.

Inside weather resistant pocket allows for convenient location for smart phone to be held and charged.


Three key areas of improvement are incorporated into and distinguish VisionVestTM high visibility safety vests: enhanced lighting, integrated technology, and hydration. The vest provides a user with improved high visibility requirements by adding continuous lighting strips that help increase visibility in various poor lighting conditions. A built-in power source enables technology advancements such as smart phone/tablet charging, GPS Tracking, lighting, and other advanced components. Lastly, a hydration component is integrated with a conveniently and comfortably placed hot/cold beverage container. 

High-visibility safety vests improve how well other people can see the worker. In many situations, workers must conduct their work in low light or dark conditions. Standard safety vests rely on reflective properties of the material and the reflecting of an outside light source (commonly headlights on vehicles) to aide in protecting the worker. VisionVestTM vests, however, uses addition of LED/laser lighting to significantly increase the visibility of the worker proactively and without reliance on reflectivity. This is important in poor weather and low light conditions where the distance that an outside light source extends is decreased. 

Additionally, the lights provide two different color of lights allowing to have new workers easily identified in the field. This is a powerful visual tool that can be used in new worker service programs that focus on tackling the problem that newer workers to a job site have a statistically increased chance of obtaining an injury.

A removable and rechargeable power source allows for various technology components that will promote increased mobility and productivity of the worker. Many projects have limited sources of power sometimes requiring workers to return to their cars or trailers to recharge their smart devices and tablets. The mobile power source provided in VisionVestTM vests allows a worker to continue throughout their day without interruption. 

A worker location device is embedded on the vest to allow workers to be instantly accounted for and located within the project limits. This feature was designed to help reduce the manual data input required by the field staff and trades on site. A project is mapped electronically, boundaries set up that designate the project limits and emergency (muster) areas identified. A worker is located only upon entering the established project limits. It allows a Project Manager or Superintendent to have instant worker counts and labor classifications without waiting for other trade contractors to provide counts or enter them into a daily report. This helps reduce the data input that is required by the field staff. It also is designed to help the Project Manager or Executive that needs to check on a project remotely by seeing the total counts of workers on a site at any given time. By electronically mapping an emergency or muster area, workers can be accounted for quickly in an emergency situation. It also provides a focus on worker safety and productivity with the GPS tracking. In emergency situations, all workers can be quickly accounted for and located. 

Hydration, though often over-looked, has a significant impact on a worker’s productivity. Just a 1% dehydration has been found to decrease a worker’s productivity by 12%. Water is not always readily available or in close proximity for a worker on a construction site.  Having a water source that integral, properly placed and fitting, and comfortable to wear while still performing work tasks is what differentiates VisionVestTM. Most importantly this increases the opportunity for a worker to stay hydrated, but also significantly reduces the down time a worker would have traveling to and from a water station throughout the work day. Furthermore, advancements in containers ability to keep contents cold / hot now make it practical to keep these “at hand” rather than in a cooler or other location on the jobsite.

Through these core areas and more to be developed in the future, VisionVestTM will continually strive to make its users safer, more productive, and healthier.