Tomorrows Safety Vest
For Today’s Worker


In the United States, construction employed 9.6 million people in 2015. It was ranked #1 in terms of total worker deaths based on the 2015 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, making it one of the most dangerous industries.

Currently, most construction workers use standard high visibility safety vests as part of their mandated personal protective equipment (PPE). Standard high visibility safety vests have not integrated technology to the degree that other tools have in the field.

VisionVestTM’s purpose is to create an upgraded version of the standard high-visibility safety vest. Our product takes the safety vest to the next level with new features to enhance the workers’ safety and increase their productivity at work in the field.

Mission Statement

Our team aimed to create an advanced high visibility safety vest that provided value added enhancements to advocate worker safety and provides increased productivity in the field. We have focused on three areas to incorporate into our patent pending safety vest that enhance worker safety through enhanced lighting, worker connectivity and easily accessible hydration.

Why Choose Our Vests

Our team has extensive background and knowledge in both commercial and heavy highway construction industries, and that has allowed us to learn about the enhancements that would be a value add to the field worker. Realizing that higher safety measures should and can be taken, we decided to establish a business to cater to this need.

Standard high visibility safety vests are made with fluorescent colors and reflective material which improve the visibility of the worker. This is effectiveness of the workers visibility diminishes in low light or poor weather conditions where visibility is reduced. To protect the crew from accidents in this dangerous industry, we made vests with continuous lighting strips so that the workers will be more visible even in various poor lighting conditions. The lighting strips also allow for newer workers to be easily identified compared to more seasoned workers to a specific job site. This is helpful for many companies that work to implement a new worker program that focuses on reducing construction workplace injuries.

In addition, we have incorporated features from the latest technology advancements such as a built-in power source for smartphones and tablets. This way, our vests will not only keep the workers safe but also improve their mobility and productivity. A worker location device allows for workers to be identified within the boundaries of the work site and provides immediate location in case of an emergency.

Construction workers regularly perform their jobs in unconditioned buildings or outside in hot and humid weather. Industry estimates that 5 -10 million workers could be at potential for heat stress. Access to drinking water can become a serious health issue and impact their daily productivity. NIOSH and OSHA recommend drinking every 15-20 minutes (not just during breaks) to stay sufficiently hydrated. Our easily accessible water source allows a worker to have water by their side through-out the day while not impacting their ability to perform their various tasks.

Our unconventional, cutting-edge product is patent pending and made in the U.S.A and it’s nothing like the other safety vests on the market. To learn more about our high-quality vests, get in touch with us.